We are  absolutely  clear and  transparent about decisions and activities  that affect society and the environment

The most important measures of the company in the environment department is the control of industrial pollutants and environmental monitoring with the help of the company’s youthful experts .the documentation and results of the environmental tests are available to the regulatory organizations and  authorities and  all beneficiary.

It is possible to receive the necessary information in the field of transparency, observing the principle of transparency and protecting the privacy, security, legal and business interests of the stakeholders and in various sections of this website in the following areas :

– The purpose, nature, and location of the company’s activities is  in the Introduction section.

 The nature and benefits of the organization’s actions in the form of multiple reports, such as the monthly activity report at:, are accessible to the general public and stakeholders of the company.

  • Implementing decisions in this company based on the nature of the industry, the description of the tasks set up with the obligation to respond to the consequences and taking into account the interests of the company and the stakeholders.
  • The standards and criteria used to assess the performance of social responsibility in this company are:
  • The instruction issued by the Islamic Republic’s system of governance.
  • The goals and policy principles of the company is including vision & mission, strategies, ethical behavior and Organization policy.
  • Regulations and strategic documents of the field of social responsibility
  • ISO standard: 26000
  • The company’s performance in social responsibility is controlled by the supervision of senior executives and carried out by the Strategic Committee with the following objectives. The reports will be made available to the stakeholders through the official website of the company and other portals.
  • Identification of stakeholders
  • Expectations and Effectiveness of the Stakeholders on the Company’s Activities  and Their Effectiveness on the Company
  • Prioritization based on the severity of the importance and extent of the impact on the appropriate and necessary expectations associated with the company’s social responsibilities.
  • Planning and guiding operational and administrative units for the proper fulfillment of social responsibility obligations.
  • maintaining and improve measures
  • Financial reports and how to use the capital ,is publishing based on the requirements of the companies listed on the stock exchange at the appointed time and through the organization of the stock exchange and the company’s codal site . ://
  • Identification of stakeholders by the guidance of the Strategic Committee of Social Responsibilities and with the supervision of the company’s managers from the perspective of employees, the environment, society, customers, human rights and future generations, and with the belief and commitment to the seven principles of social responsibility to be considered by all employees of the company.

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