Ethical Behavior

Ethical Behavior


  • maintaining the law is the principle of our work and we must moving in the path of law in all circumstances.

Responding :

  • Serving the community and responding is our legal and human duty so to take this step, though small, in order to make them clear, comfortable and happy.

Trustworthiness :

  • We believe that what we have is God’s trust, so keeping and proper use of them within framework of justice and meritocracy is our top priority.

Saving :

  • By promoting the culture of optimal use of resources and avoiding excessive use, we are grateful for all the blessings of God, and therefore trying to contribute to our country’s resource efficiency and preservation for future generations.

Productivity and continuous improvement :

  • Continuous improvement and productivity is a basis of our thinking, in order to progress gradually and continuously.

Teamwork :

  • Promoting the community is one of our most important responsibilities. Therefore, we know that preserving unity, collective wisdom, work group, and uninterrupted and conscious effort together with trust are the source of the promotion and growth of the consciousness of the present and future generations

Knowledge and Innovation :

  • Efforts to increase learning and improve the attitudes and skills, innovation in thought and action.

Respect and humility :

  • Humility and respect for colleagues and clients and respect for their needs and rights.

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