Respect for the rule of law

The rule of law refers to the supremacy of law and , in particular ,to the idea that no individual or organization stands above  the law and that government is also subject to the law . the rule of law contrasts with the arbitrary exercise of power .it is generally implicit in the rule of law that laws and regulations are written ,publicly disclosed and fairly enforced according to established procedures. In the context of social responsibility ,respect for the rule of law means that an organization complies with all applicable laws and regulations . this implies that is should take steps to be aware of applicable laws and regulations to inform those within the organization of their obligation to observe and to implement those measures.
An organization should :    
•    Comply with legal requirements in al jurisdictions in which the organization operates, even if those laws and regulations are not adequately enforced ;
•    Ensure that its relationships and activities comply with the intended and applicable legal framework;
•    Keep itself informed of all legal obligations ; and
•    Periodically review its compliance with  applicable laws and regulations.

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