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R&D department

Introduction and Goals

Considering #Fanavaran_Petrochemical_Company as a major mega #methanol plant manufacturer and the only #Acetic acid Producer in Iran and regarding the vision statement, Research and Development department was founded, to ease the production lines optimization and operational unites #development along with too many main goals in the energy consumption and sustainable development fields.
Regarding the importance of above mentioned aims, we are looking for quick and effective commutating partners to make strong and fast communications with those whom are eager to cooperate with us.
All foreign and domestic knowledge-based companies and academic or scientific institutes are welcomed to help us to meet the Fanavaran development goals and research needs by their suggestions about what does it need.

 Contact us on:

Head of Research and Development (+98 61 52123090)

Head of Process Research (+98 61 52123092)


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Industrial Complex: Site 3, Special Economic Zone for Petrochemicals - Khouzestan Province, Iran 

Postal Code: 6356178927           Po. Box: 365

Central Office: No. 18, Shahid Palizavani St. (Seventh),  South Gandi St.,Tehran, Iran

Postal Code: 1517643711

Export Sales Department: +98 21 88886870
Internal Sales Department: +98 61 52123400

Central Telecommunications Unit: +98 61 52123600