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العلاقة بين نوعية حياة العمل وإنتاجية موظفي البتروكيماويات من حيث المتغيرات الديموغرافية


This  is a research article by Kourosh Askari Bajgirani, the Head of Maintenance Planning Department at Fanavaran Petrochemical Co. and Seyyed Habib Mactabi . The article is published for use by the general public on this website and all its rights are reserved for the author / authors. To contact MR. Askari you may use the email address ko.askari@fnpcc.com or info@fnpcc.com. Any use of this article is permitted only by mentioning the source.

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ABSTRACT: Most experts believe that human resources are the most valuable and prominent factors to
achieve organization's objectives and organizations should pay special attention to the issue. As a key
factor, quality of work life can play an important role to create and maintain satisfaction and increase
productivity of human resources and organizations. The purpose of this study was to assess the impact of
quality of work life and its aspects on productivity of human resources using descriptive-survey study. its
population consisted of all employees Fanavaran, Boo Ali Sina and Amir Kabir Petrochemical
Companies (n= 2842). The sample size was calculated 338 employees using Cochran formula. The
stratified random sampling was used to select the sample. Data was collected using questionnaires of
quality of work life (Walton) and productivity of human resources (Hersey & Goldsmith); meanwhile,
data was analyzed using Pearson correlation coefficient, t-test and ANOVA with SPSS software. Results
of the study hypotheses showed a positive significant relationship between productivity with quality of
work life and its aspects among petrochemical employees.

KEYWORDS: Productivity Of Human Force, Quality Of Work Life, Petrochemical, Demographic Variables 



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