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About us


Fanavaran Petrochemical Company is established in 1998 for manufacturing, commissioning and extraction of methanol, acetic acid and carbon monoxide plants to supply the domestic and export target markets products demands.

The plant is located on the Persian Gulf coast in the Special Petrochemical Economic Zone, Khuzestan province - Iran, under the area of 25 hectares.

This industrial complex is consisted of a one million ton methanol plant, a 150kt/y ton of acetic acid plant and a 140kt/y carbon monoxide unit to meet the needs of export and domestic markets and regional complexes in the area.


工业园区:Khouzestan  -  Bandarminahr  - 石化第3区特别经济区 - 邮政编码:6356178927 POBox:365 
总部:位于甘地街南部的德黑兰,第26号,Shahid Palizavani街(第七),邮政编码:1517643711
出口销售单位: +98 21 - 88886870
取消: +98 21 - 52123400

中央电讯股: +98 21 - 52123600